Hey! I’m Alissa Wang, a product designer based in the Bay Area.

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Hey! I’m Alissa Wang, a product designer based in the Bay Area.

Discord /

In-app Sticker Pack


Explore and create design guidelines for a set of in-app stickers using Discord’s character, the Wumpus. Design should align with product values and other constraints.


A set of stickers that are both static and animated, evoking delight and expressing a range of emotions to make users feel good and smile.

2D + 3D Exploration
Design Guidelines


Sole Designer

Design Director:
Robb Hunter

2 weeks

Gesture Exploration + 2D Style

Exploring and finalizing Wumpus’ range of emotions and gesture through sketching.

3D Exploration

Exploring the possibility of 3D animated stickers.

Although 3D fell out of our scope, a 2D execution delivered the same impactful user experience and interaction while being scalable for future expansion.

Color Guide

Aligning with Discord’s brand color Blurple, I created a palette to be used consistently throughout.

Design Pack


Creating frame-by-frame vector animation artwork.

Discord Wumpus Beyond Sticker Pack

It was amazing to see the launched stickers in Discord!

Before / What’s up Wumpus

After / Wumpus Beyond

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